Saturday, March 12, 2011

March working bee Saturday 19th

We meet on the St James side of the bridge at 8.45am. Depending on how many turn up there are three areas to work on. There is a excellent stand of Carex secta (or the very un PC common name of Nigger Head) that needs the weeds clearing off. Nearby are two excellent mature examples of Pate trees that the black berry needs clipping back from. It is just touching the outer branches at the moment and also in the same area some branches of a willow tree have come down in a wind and need to be cut up so they do not start sprouting. If we had six people, two at each site, that would tidy things up.
Bring gumboots (we will not be working on wet ground but will be walking through it to get there)
Secateurs, hedge clippers and horticultural saw if you have any of these.
A drink and something to eat
N.B.The photo is of Carex secta taken at Lake Kainui.

Raising native trees for the Gully

On Sunday 6th March I went to Pukemokemoke reserve (down Whitikahu Road, Gordonton) with the Tamahere Nursery group to collect eco-sourced native seeds. This was a really good day lead by Wayne Bennett. The high light for both Wayne and me was to find that the Pokaka trees had had a really good seeding year and had a lot of fruit on the ground.
Just to fill you in on the Pokaka tree it is one of our target canopy trees for the wet gully floor along with the Kahikatea, Pukatea and Swamp Maire. The Pokaka is not common and very few have been planted. There are just three trees at Pukemokemoke. Click on this link to see the tree on Wayne’s website.
The other interesting find was Giant Sedge Gahnia xanthocarpa (see photo). This is also on our planting list.
If anyone would like to try their hand at raising native tree seed then please send me an email. I would be happy to supply you with enough seed to sow in an ice cream container of any or all of the following:
Pokaka, Giant Sedge, Kaikomako and cabbage tree


Have any of you that live on the gully top seen lizards in your garden. There are two basic types: the Skink, all shiny, slick and always brown; and the Gecko, mat finish, wrinkly and colours vary from brown to green. If you have a cat they will unfortunately sometimes bring them in. Could you send me an email or give me as ring if you have. Thanks.