Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Board walk construction continues

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With funding from HCC Envirofund for materials we are powering ahead with the board walk and track construction. We are all very excited about this project because it will link an all weather track from the walk bridge at the south end of our restoration area right up to the Sexton Road exit. After two working bees we have 30 metres completed and it is looking really good. 


These snails have been found in our gully and have been identified by Kath Walker a conservation scientist for DOC specialising in Powelliphanta. (A powelliphantaologist? Not sure if that is a word). They are Oxychilus cellarius, or as commonly known. the cellar glass snail. They are a pest species, introduced from Europe/UK and managing to invade many disturbed lands in NZ; they are often found in gardens. They are carnivorous, so likely to be destroying our very distinctive native (mostly vegetarian) land snail fauna. 

The latest update on the Weta homes

5 Star Weta Hotel!

If you recall we started with a 30mm and a 15mm bamboo stem and a month ago a 20mm stem was added. (20mm stems are recommended by Forest & Bird).
Before the 20mm stems were added we had 4 of 5, 15mm stems occupied and none in the 30mm. On inspection last week we had 3 of 5, 15mm stems in use, 2 of 5, 20mm stems in use, with 1 stem housing 2. 1 of 5, 30mm stems were in use. This looks like a juvenile, probably lost and sure to move on. That is 7 Wetas in total.
In addition the 5 Star Hotel has been occupied for some time. Today, it was noticed a second, not in the main chamber, but just under the roof. Be careful if you go looking, it had legs over hanging the gap between both halves of the wood. 

Tree felling destroys canopy trees

Matai with it's head taken out

The trees behind Oderings Nursery were being felled and the tree fellers felled a tree right across the boundary into Mangaiti  Reserve completely taking out a 10 year old Rimu and taking the head out of a Matai. This was very disappointing. We grow trees from seed and know how long it takes for a canopy tree like a Rimu and Matai to grow. One quick act like this destroys 10 years of growth. That is 2022 to get a tree back to the same maturity. 

Annual Tree Crop Ass. plant sale

We took a selection of plants along that we had been collecting for this sale to raise funds. We made $134 on the day. In addition we had sold $70 of the plants prior to the sale and have sold $30 since. There are still a few left that we may still sell. These are plants that are not suitable for planting in the gully for various reasons.