Existing Flora

Existing naturally occurring (not introduced) native flora indentified in Mangaiti Gully. _________________________________________________________________________________
Astelia grandis
Scheffera digitata

Coprosma robusta

Microsorium pustulatum

Coprosma tenuicaulis

Asplenium flaccidum

Muehlenbeckia australis (Climber)

Coprosma grandofolia
Asplenium oblongifolium

Asplenium polyodon

Blechnum filiforme Climbing Thread Fern

We have an excellent example of a Blechnum filiforme in its early stage just starting to climb a tree trunk. It is at the bottom of the slope under a large Schefflera digitata, Pate, in the gully below the Sexton Road subdivision. Blechnum filiforme is one of the few high-climbing ferns in NZ and the only Blechnum. Initially creeps in tangled masses over the ground (which ours is doing) and often over rocks, before reaching a tree trunk. As it climbs, the new fronds grow larger, with more elongated, tapering pinnae. Usually above head height, fertile fronds (narrow wiry ones) are produced with very long, narrow pinnae (hence its name Thread Fern). Eventually the fern completely smothers the trunk of the host tree.
It prefers rather heavy soils. Once established under shade it grows quickly and needs a rock or tree to climb.

Source: NZ Ferns and Allied Plants by Patrick J. Brownsey and John C. Smith-Dodsworth pg.142


Blechnum novae-zelandiae

Blechnum minus

Tmesipteris elongate

Tmesipteris elongata is a fern ally that typically grows as an epiphyte (perched on another plant, which is usually a tree fern). The aerial stems hang down wards, with leaves spirally arranged. The leaves are 0.4–1.6 in (1–4 cm) long. The spore containing capsules are found on the stems.

Tmesipteris elongata is a primitive plant with a longer fossil history than a fern. It is found in lowland to montane (subtropical moist broadleaf) forests, in North, South and Stewart Island, and the Chatham Islands, New Zealand.

Source: http://www.hebesoc.org/

Tree Ferns

Dicksonia fibrosa Whekei Ponga
Distinctive by the retained fronds on the trunk and fibrous base.

Cyathea dealbata Ponga Silver Tree Fern
Dicksonia squarrosa Wheki Pough Tree fren
Carex geminata
Carex secta

Carex dissita
Cabbage Tree
Cordyline australis