Friday, October 11, 2013


One of our objectives is to try and get some epiphytes growing in the gully. We are not sure how successful this will be as they like the misty heights of the upper canopy with plenty of sunlight. Something our gully cannot offer. Two have been planted (not sure that is the term) onto ponga trunks and we have started growing seedlings on ponga stumps. The first two on the left in the photo were strapped to the outside. This was found difficult and messy to do. With the third one, on the right hand side in the photo, the epiphyte was planted into a cavity that was cut into the trunk. This was a lot more successful and generally easier to keep moist with sphagnum moss packed down the hole in the centre. 

Owl nest box.

Back in August we installed a Morepork / Ruru nesting box. This has a webcam and a red light installed so we can look inside using a laptop computer without disturbing the occupant. It has been installed where Morepork / Ruru have been sighted three times roosting during the day on tree fern fronds. We are not expecting anything to nest there this season but one never knows. The design is based on the Hamilton Zoo nest box used to breed their birds in captivity. 

Sign upgrade and repositioned.

We have had the sign maintained that was used at the St James entrance and installed it at the Sexton Road entrance to the gully. It was felt that our presence was made at St James because of the sign writing we had on the rubbish bin.

Upgrade to the creek crossing Sexton Road end

For those that walk the track you will have noticed that quite a bit of work has been going on upgrading the track and board walk at the creek crossing up the Sexton Road end. This section is where two creeks meet and gets a hammering from flooding. We are confident the new construction will with stand anything mother nature throws at it.  

Impressive pest control

No. 1 bait station and trap
Not one bait was required to be added to any of the 12 bait stations and there was no activity in the two traps during the latest check. This is the first time since records started in November 2011 to have no activity.
This is very promising for the coming breeding season.

Number 1 bait station in the gully behind 62 and 66 St James Drive is still the station that gets the most activity. We have a trap here also and frequently catch a rat. Rats have scented rat runs. This station must be located right on one.