Sunday, July 14, 2013

Bat Utube

You must see this Utube clip recorded in Auckland of our native bat. We have these bats in the southern part of Hamilton. There is considerable work being done to encourage their population to increase.

Kahikatea planting

In line with our planting plan to develop a predominately Kahikatea wetland forest in the gully floor with Astelia grandis dominating the understory we planted 45 kahikatea in the wet pond area at the back of Sexton Road. This brings the total kahikatea planted to over 150. This does not sound that many but when you take into account that they are canopy trees planted 5 metres apart and that the wet gully floor is only part of the total area of the reserve then it is significant. 

Sexton Rd entrance

Work has been going on to tidy up the entrance to the gully from the Sexton Road end. This work is ongoing. The sign from down the south end has been upgraded by Sign craftmen – 843-7406 if you need a sign made – and will be erected shortly. 

Rangiora, Brachyglottis repanda

As part of our targeted planting policy to reintroduce plants that would have originally been in Hamilton gullies we have grown a good quantity of Rangiora, Brachyglottis repanda from seed collected from Te Pahu and Maungatautari . While the Rangiora are relatively common in bush areas they are quite hard to grow from seed.  We have planted a good number in our gully and we have been giving them to people that are planting other parts of the gully to spread the future seed source of this plant species in town.

Keikei,Freycinetia banksii

We have been fortunate enough to acquire four seedlings of KeikeiFreycinetia banksii from Wayne Bennett. These are a really interesting sort of climbing cabbage tree for want of a better description. They are hard to get and it is hard to obtain seed. The rats love the fruit. They have been planted were the track goes down the slope to the gully floor Sexton Rd end. They like it moist but not boggy. 

Fungi in the gully

It is the time of year when a great selection of fungi shows itself. There were too many to put the photos here. We will see if we can get them onto a separate page at a later date when time permits. 


As a charitable trust we have to, by law, have a formal AGM each year. Our financial year finishes on the 30th June so we usually like to get the AGM tidied up in July. It is open to the public.
Place: 7 Carisbrook Place, Rototuna, Hamilton
Time to arrive: 6.30pm
Date: 24th July
Pizza and a hot drink will be available during a “chat time” prior to the meeting starting (approx 7pm).
Minutes of the last AGM
Matters arising
Secretary’s annual report
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Re confirmation of the trust deed
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