Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Saturdays Working Bee

The area we will be focusing on this Saturday will be the gully slope at the end of Sexton Road. It has some excellent specimens of Totara, Kauri and Miro that someone planted some 20 odd years ago. The ivy needs trimming back from the native plants and the introduced plants need removing. No gum boots this time - yah! Bring: A spade, secateurs, sun screen, a hat and your morning tea. Meet: At the end of Sexton Road. That is the road Odering Nurseries are on off Thomas Road. Time: 8.45am.

Plant seedlings from HCC

We have received a batch of unwanted seedlings from HCC. We have repotted them into larger containers to grow on. They will be ready to plant out next winter. The list includes: 49 x Kahikatea, 16 x Swamp coprosma, 101 x Lacebark, 88 x Manuka, 50 x Kowhai, 44 x Flax, 201 x Toetoe. This adds to an impressive list of other plants being raised by us for next winter planting.

Formed a track under the foot bridge

We have cut steps down beside the eastern side of the main foot bridge and formed a track that runs round to the right to a bridge we put across the creek .This has all been shingled. In the boggier parts we laid fibre glass matting down under the shingle. This track has primarily been put in for us to have easier access to the area that we are restoring. Even though the track does not actually go anywhere, it will attract a number of walkers and this will give people the opportunity to see what we are doing underneath the willow canopy. If you go on over our bridge you will find it is very boggy. There is no formed track so please be careful where you walk. Do not walk on plants, ferns or sedges (grasses).

Two ferns indentifed

There are two interesting ferns that have been identified and added to the “Existing flora” page on this blog (link top right of this page) Blechnum filiforme and Tmesipteris elongate.

Carex secta under pressure

We identified two stands of Carex secta that were under pressure from honey suckle and black berry. Cerax secta does not do well in the shade or being over grown. One stand is quite close to the foot bridge. Half is already dead. We have cut away all the vines and trimmed back the willow to let the sun in. We them replanted with seedling Carex to boost their numbers. The other stand is up the gully at the back of Sexton Road. It is a lot healthier although there are some dead stumps as well. (photo with boy before clearing and after) Double click photos to enlarge.