Sunday, November 24, 2013

Water temperatures recorded

The water temperature of the stream is being taken under the canopy where the bridge goes across the stream at the southern end. The warmest it gets in summer  is 16°C  and drops to just below 8°C in winter.

Reeds into the pond

Sixty plus rhizomes of Eleocharis sphacelata have been planted in the south end of the pond. This particular reed is popular with Maori for weaving so it is the intention that, if we can get it established, it would be made available for community harvesting. The rhizomes were donated by a small block holder at Whatawhata from their farm pond.

Pest control update

Double click to enlarge photo
Possum count trapped
2012 calendar year 22
2013 calendar year to date 7, with only one month to go.

Tracking Tunnels
Cards were put out for one night in Oct. One had lots of mice prints, three had a trace of a mouse, and one had a hedgehog. NO RATS. That is great news. That is the second recording of no rats. The earlier one was done in July. We are still catching the odd rat and a bit of bait is still going but it looks as though we are catching them as soon as they move into our area.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Morepork / Ruru

Photo from the built in webcam
There have been interesting developments with the nest box. We first checked the nest box on the 9th of October, nine weeks after it was installed and were very surprised to find two Ruru eggs but no sign of the parents. Nine days later we checked again and found the eggs in exactly the same spot with still no bird in attendance. The nest was considered abandoned so we took the eggs out a couple of days later. We blew them and found that the eggs were not fertile.  We have applied to DOC for a permit to have possession of eggs of a native species.

It is now four weeks later. We have not checked again to see if there is any more activity. A job we must do.