Flood Zone in the Gully

A visit to the gully during a very wet night and day (the region has a flood alert in place) gave a good indication of the flood level on the gully floor. This has an impact on future planting plans because it would be expected that during winter this area would be a regular flood plain.

Swamp trees like Kahikatea, Pukatea and Swamp Maire along with Astelia are well suited to the conditions but will have to be a good size and well staked to survive until they are established.

This photo gallery is a selection taken under difficult conditions. Note the service bridge floating up as designed.

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The service bridge floating up as designed.

You can see the yellow pipe from the
foot bridge


The gully floor a-wash.
The service bridge is centre and
slightly left and up in the photo.

Foot track deep in water

View from the foot bridge

Under the foot bridge.
Note the bamboo where trees have
 been planted