Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The reeds Eleocharis sphacelata are sprouting

The reed tops of sixty plus rhizomes of Eleocharis sphacelata that were planted in the pond late November have all died down. This was a bit of a worry until closer inspection found a lot of new shoots sprouting away. The challenge now is to ensure the Pukekos do not graze them to death before they have time to get established.

South-facing gully slope is ready for planting

The  south-facing gully slope at the back of Sexton Road is ready for planting. There are two areas where the nurseries that used to operate up the top, dumped old potting mix. This is very loose and moves around, downhill, every time it is walked on. The original soil underneath is quite firm. We have secured dead punga trunks on these areas and then planted a mixture of rye grass, lucerne, red clover and white clover to hold the surface until the natives get established.

First cut of the track

The first cut of the eastern gully access track has been done at the base of the Sexton Road south face. The willow trunks that crossed the track have been chain sawn out of the way.  An application for funding to complete the track has been made. It will be a month or so before we know if this is successful. The funding is for pit sand and shingle for the track surface and timber for the downhill edge.

$500 from the Honda TreeFund

Mangaiti Gully Restoration Trust was successful in securing $500 from the Honda TreeFund for the purchase of trees. We thank Honda for their support. Under the Honda TreeFund initiative 10 native trees are funded for every new car that Honda New Zealand sells, with another 3 funded by Waikato Honda. So for every new Honda car sold, 13 trees are planted.