Sunday, January 26, 2014

Clearing blackberry ready for next winter’s planting

Clearing of weeds (mainly Blackberry) has been completed on the south facing gully slope at the back of Sexton Road. This is in preparation for planting this coming winter. In April (or earlier if we get good autumn rains) we will be sowing Rye Grass to stabilize the surface and help control other weed growth. The grass will eventually be shaded out as the canopy closes over above it.

Track to be constructed to service the planting area

There will be 2,000 plus plants to go in on the cleared area and maintenance to follow. To enable us to have easy access we are building a service track. This track branches off the existing through track that runs along the gully floor and will be no exit for the foreseeable future. We are preparing a funding application at present to purchase the timber, pit sand and single.

WETMAK photo point video

 Mangaiti Gully was the “on location “site for the filming of the WETMAK photo point video
(here’s the link: ) which is one of a number of WETMAK monitoring kits available from the Landcare Trust website.
WETMAK is a resource designed by Landcare Trust aimed at community groups working on wetland restoration projects in New Zealand. This wetland monitoring and assessment kit is available on line at: