Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The latest update on the Weta homes

5 Star Weta Hotel!

If you recall we started with a 30mm and a 15mm bamboo stem and a month ago a 20mm stem was added. (20mm stems are recommended by Forest & Bird).
Before the 20mm stems were added we had 4 of 5, 15mm stems occupied and none in the 30mm. On inspection last week we had 3 of 5, 15mm stems in use, 2 of 5, 20mm stems in use, with 1 stem housing 2. 1 of 5, 30mm stems were in use. This looks like a juvenile, probably lost and sure to move on. That is 7 Wetas in total.
In addition the 5 Star Hotel has been occupied for some time. Today, it was noticed a second, not in the main chamber, but just under the roof. Be careful if you go looking, it had legs over hanging the gap between both halves of the wood. 

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