Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fish survey

Waikato Regional Council scientists did a survey of 150metres of the stream north of the foot bridge and did spot checks in the ponds at the back of Sexton Road. The findings were really exciting. We will be getting the full report with all the numbers but I can tell you that mature breeding size, 125mm to 160mm, native Kokopu both Banded and Giant were found along with young ones 40 to 65mm. This indicates a good healthy breeding population exists. Most, but not all, were in the ponds at the back of Sexton Road.
Good numbers of Shortfinned Eels were present with lesser numbers of Longfinned. Also plentiful were Retropinna (Common Smelt).
Pest fish found were the odd Catfish and a number of Gambusia (Mosquitofish).
This is a very healthy fish population to build from as we restore to enhance their environment to further increase their population with particular focus on the Kokopu.

Photo: Giant Kokopu and the guys at work (double click on all photos to enlarge)

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