Friday, April 6, 2012

Giant Sedge Gahnia xanthocarpa one year on

Like Mainland Cheese, “good things take time”. These twenty three seedlings have just been transplanted from their seed raising tray. Wayne Bennett said at the time we collected the seed from Pukemokemoke last year that it takes about twelve months to grow. It was sown on the 6th March 2011 and these are the seedlings twelve months later. The photo with the pack shows the fully grown sedge that the seed was gathered from.


The Goddards said...

What an awesome achievement guys - you have dne extremly well and we are enjoying the transformation of the gully - thank you so much for all of your effort and expecially time.
The Goddards
Haswell Place

Mangaiti Gully Restoration said...

Thankyou for your support. The crew all really enjoy doing what we are doing. The good progress keeps us all motivated.