Saturday, February 18, 2017

Broken bridge

The broken bridge
One of the down sides to opening up an area to the public is that it also opens it up to vandalism. Overall we get off pretty lightly with things that are easy and cheap to repair. This was not the case with the latest damage to one of our bridges. A number of people jumping on the bridge managed to break it in half. We rebuilt the bridge to a more sturdy but costly design. This replacement cost the Trust $205 for materials, money which would have been used for plants or pest control.
All rebuilt and solid. 
An opportunity to donate

If you feel inclined to contribute towards the cost of the bridge rebuild you would be welcome to make a deposit (any amount would be welcome) as a direct credit into our bank account 031557-0463402-00. We are a registered charity so if you email our Treasurer  confirming your donation details we will supply you with a receipt for your tax rebate.

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