Thursday, September 6, 2012

Banksia for Tui project

This was very well supported with 56 orders coming in. However when I placed the order with HCC Nursery and they passed the order on to the commercial nursery that was supplying them, HCC was advised that they had all sold out.
As some of you might have noticed there was a very good article in the Hamilton Press about Mangaiti Restoration Group and about the Banksia Project. This appeared five weeks after the interview so we were fielding calls from other people wanting the order Banksia. Although we could not supply we made a lot more contacts and a number of them would be interested if we did it again next season.
For those in Auckland, Banksia are not invasive in the Waikato and for the native purist, we are not planting Banksia in our gully, as it is a native flora reserve and yes there are natives that feed Tui but this is about attracting Tui into the city not just feeding them and Tui find Banksia very attractive during the winter period. 

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