Thursday, September 6, 2012

Invercargill, Kahikatea and Pigeons

On a recent trip to Invercargill to attend the Wetland Symposium this photo of Kahikatea was taken in an area just south of the city, about Hamilton to Gordonton in distance. A close inspection had to be made to be satisfied that they were actually Kahikatea. The area is interesting in that it has a high population of Kereru, Native Pigeon. There are so many that there are road signs warning traffic of “Low Flying Kereru” and there is a person in the area that specializes in nursing them back to health if they survive a hit. There was no information as to whether the Kereru population is level, declining or increasing but it was obvious that there was a health population.
It has to be asked, if they are successfully surviving in that ecosystem why not in Hamilton.

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