Saturday, May 18, 2013

Macro photographer loves our gully

Photo by Bryce McQuillan. An example of macro photogragph.

Bryce McQuillan is a Macro photographer and loves our gully because of the variety and size of invertebrates present. He said it is clearly evident that the rats and possums are under control. This makes it one of the best sites in Hamilton for maco photography. He usually goes down at night when all the night bugs are out although I did catch up with him in day light hour one Wednesday afternoon.
Bryce is doing the photography for a book about native spiders and said that a large number of those photos will be from Mangaiti Gully.
He has also expressed interest in taking small night tours through the gully and requested that we assist with a talk on the gully restoration project.
This is what restoration is all about were the native eco system is reasserting it’s self and a whole new biodiversity balance is occurring in the absence of rats and possums.

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