Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Very busy with winter planting

500 plants supplied by HCC have gone in on the south-facing gully slope at the back of Sexton Road. Access through Amanda and Grant’s place at 47 Sexton Road made getting the plants on site a lot easier. The grassing of the gully slope has stabilised the surface and it is looking really good. The photo does not do it justice. Give it three years growth and the slope is going to look fantastic.

The $500 grant from the Honda fund bought plants that went in on another gully slope easily seen on the west side of the main board walk.

Those walking the main track will see clearing and planting has been done along the main creek as the track rises up to Sexton Road.

Other plants raised in our shade house have been planted all over the gully. Tawa for example are frost tender when young. One metre high plants have been selectively planted in suitable locations.

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