Monday, June 4, 2018

Our Kauri Trees in the gully

 Kauri are not a species that are generally considered to have historically grown in Hamilton gullies. We therefore do not include kauri on our planting lists. However we do have several that have been planted some time prior to our Trust being involved with restoring the gully. Four of these are located at the top of the gully along Sexton Track. In 2014 when we were clearing the weeds in preparation for planting we discovered these four kauri covered and weighed down by vine. Four years later and look at them now. Four handsome specimens that actually have cones on!
With kauri die back devastating the northern kauri it may be time to rethink the policy of where we plant kauri. It’s been suggested to council that the southern gully slope below Sovereign Isles, that Wildlands have been contracted to clear and plant, be considered for a kauri grove of 40 to 50 trees. This site has several advantages; It will have a good vista from the existing board walk that runs from Hukanui road, it is a well-drained site that suits kauri, it is isolated from foot traffic therefore would have a very low possibility of contracting the disease at some future date (the disease is spread through soil movement) and being on the south side of Sovereign Isles they would not shade the houses at the top of the gully. There was a very positive response from council to this idea with a suggested planting date of 2020.

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