Monday, June 4, 2018

Weed and goldfish released into pond

It very much looks as if a person who wanted to get rid of their gold fish emptied their aquarium, weed and all, into the pond in the gully. As a result this very invasive water weed multiplied to cover the pond within six months. It has been washed out the overflow into the stream and is now spreading downstream to the Waikato River. Gold fish themselves are a pest carp in the wild. We appreciate that the person who did this did it through ignorance not knowing what the ramifications are. However it is a good demonstration of the harm that can be done by transferring and releasing both fauna (animals) and flora (plants) into the wild of species that can be invasive.
It would only take one person to release a live rainbow skink (Australian pest skink) that their cat bought in, into our skink enclosure for it to be overrun by this invasive species. The rainbow is in parts of the city and might even be as close as Thomas Road.

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